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Efficient Professionalism

Owner/ President


Justin Nelson Owner/ President

  Who I am?  I am a family man, father to the greatest gifts any man could ask for.  My wife Nicki is my rock and best friend, our children Cameron, Madison, Haylie and Cale are all growing up to be amazing adults.  We have 3 in college at the moment and do our best to instill in them all the ethics we believe in, hard work, honesty, integrity, commitment, and temperance.

     I have spent 26 years working my way through this trade, learning all aspects I would need for this moment.  I have traveled all over california working on all sorts of projects over the years from building Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara to working extensively in chinatown in San Francisco.  Over those years it allowed me to see all aspects of this trade so that I could apply it now for you.


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