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Killing Covid-19

Protecting our families with our homes

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      If you're considering  enhancing your existing HVAC system, Needle Point Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) is an excellent choice.  Let me share some compelling reasons why adding NPBI to your HVAC system is a smart move.  By integrating NPBI, you'll significantly improve indoor air quality.  The ions created by the system actively seek out and neutralize airborne particles, including dust, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds ( VOCs), they also help to remove lingering smells.  These ions  attach themselves to particles in the air making it easier to filter them out of the air with your systems existing filter.  This helps suffers of seasonal allergies by making the air inside our homes and offices cleaner and sanitized.

     Instillation of the Ionization unit doesn't require any modification of your existing HVAC unit or system.  Rare earth magnets attach the device to your indoor blower fan assembly and connect into your existing wiring from the unit.  Zero impact into the existing units function means it wont negatively effect yours systems performance and can be easily removed and reinstalled when the unit is replaced.  These units also do not use a measurable amount of electricity to perform their work and are a maintenance free alternative to HEPA filtration units.

     If you have any other question or would like more information regarding the science behind this technology please contact us and we would be happy to send you a brochure with pricing.  Please contact us today to schedule your installation of a Ionization unit into your existing HVAC system,  and a 20 year life span, its the best insurance money can buy.  Isn't peace of mind worth that?

I-wave bi-polar inozation

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Ionized Infection Protection

The Swiss Army Knife of Air Purification

For more information about the benefits of this technology, click the link below to watch a video showing exactly how and why this works and solves so many indoor air quality issues in the air we breathe.

The Science


    Destroying Covid-19 can be achieved now in 30 mins.  Ionization technology has proven to be an effective means of sanitizing the air we breath in indoor environments, using a plasma field, to attach to airborne pathogens, ridding them of hydrogen, increasing their size, making them filterable, and  effectively addresses:


*Smoke from wildfire


* Dust


*Seasonal  Allergens




*Micro organisms

*mold spores

  Environments with the highest levels of ions are found in nature where outdoor air exists with little to no pollution.  Indoor Air Quality or IAQ environments are  2 to 5 times more polluted. 1 in 3 buildings contain IAQ issues contributing to poor health and lower productivity in occupants.  Steady use of Ionization technology works to purify pollutants and contaminants, while also disinfecting our indoor environments.

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